Getting Started with SearchBlox Server for Linux/Unix

1.) Download SearchBlox Server for Linux/Unix (searchblox_unix.tar.gz)
2.) Copy the file searchblox_unix.tar.gz to the directory /opt
3.) Uncompress the file searchblox_unix.tar.gz using gzip with the following command:

[root@localhost opt]#gzip -d searchblox_unix.tar.gz

The resulting file will be named searchblox_unix.tar
4.) Untar the file searchblox_unix.tar using tar with the following command:

[root@localhost opt]#tar -xvf searchblox_unix.tar

The files will be extracted to the directory /opt/searchblox
5.) Change your current directory to /opt/searchblox using the command:

[root@localhost opt]#cd /opt/searchblox

6.) Start the SearchBlox Server using the following command:

[root@localhost searchblox]#./startSearchBlox

Go to http://mydomain:8080/searchblox/admin/main.jsp in your browser and Login using username : admin | password : admin
7.) Go to Collections Tab and Click on Add Collection to create a new collection.
8.) Choose whether it is a HTTP or FileSystem based collection, assign a unique name and choose the language for this collection. And Click Add to finish creating the collection.
9.) Click on Root Sub-Tab and Type in RootURL / Filepath and click OK.
10.) Go to Indexer Sub-Tab and click Index button to start indexing.
11.) Click on the DashBoard Sub-Tab under Collections to view indexing status.
12.) Go to http://mydomain:8080/searchblox/search.jsp to start searching.